When was the last time you did a Career Health-Check?

Too many people worry about the progression in their careers but are unaware of the importance that career health stock taking has when it comes to managing your career. Ask yourself these four questions at least once a year, look at your results and where you can improve and slowly watch yourself gain control of your own career. • Are

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Do you have a low or high EQ?

IQ is something you’re born with, something that’s a bit harder to change. EQ on the other hand is easier to work on developing and luckily, the older you get, the more it develops. The importance of a high EQ is something that cannot, but is usually, understated. It is easier developing something that you know needs a bit of

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MS Interviewing 101

An adage in interviewing says the most qualified applicant is not always the one who is hired — which means the hired candidate is often the job-seeker who does the best job in responding to interview questions and showcasing his or her fit with the job, department, and organization. Typical Interview Format – Meet and greet – Candidate is expected

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So you were overlooked for that promotion…

So you were overlooked for that promotion… maybe it’s time to strengthen your Emotional Intelligence (“EQ”) EQ is more than just charisma and personality; it is displayed in 4 main areas listed below. Strengthening all these 4 factors will, in return, strengthen your EQ. – Self-Awareness; this is the relationship you have with yourself, it is a very vital component of

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Your Career Success = IQ + EQ

Being smart is great but won’t necessarily cut it; IQ alone is just not enough. Notice that most of your co-workers seem to be as smart as you are but not everyone’s success/career progress is at the same level, there is a key element that most young professionals are missing, something we’re not taught to pay attention to, that’s EQ.

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