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About Us Excited about sharing discoveries around the corner to people around the world, and the corner. About is Cape Town's online magazine. Many of our readers see us as "that trusted friend that enables you to make exciting discoveries around the corner". READERSHIP: between 300 000 and 500 000 people read each month (!). Roughly 2/3 of our readers are people living in Cape Town / South Africa. Roughly 1/3 are international readers with a love for Cape Town & The Western Cape. Contact us to get our readership infographics. newsletters: Simply said, every week one thing you don't want to miss: Our popular (free) weekly newsletter is read by 54 000 subscribers. It is sent every Wednesday. Our (free) monthly newsletter is read by 84 000 subscribers and is sent out every first Wednesday of the month. more: on Facebook: Facebook is excellent to get that daily little dose of excitement. 160 000 people like us on Facebook. Our posts to these people are seen between 800 000 and 2 400 000 times. Curious? Discover: our facebook page
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