Do you have a low or high EQ?

IQ is something you’re born with, something that’s a bit harder to change. EQ on the other hand is easier to work on developing and luckily, the older you get, the more it develops. The importance of a high EQ is something that cannot, but is usually, understated.

It is easier developing something that you know needs a bit of help, so knowing that you lack EQ makes it easier to work on developing it. But how do you know if you have a low or high EQ? Here are 7 signs that indicate that you may lack some Emotional Intelligence:

1. You’re easily offended

When you are aware of who you are, what people say or think about you should not get to you as much. Obviously everyone gets affected in some way when it comes to the opinion of others but, it shouldn’t go as far as to affect your mood. You should be able to know what constructive criticism is and what isn’t, and use that to help you be better instead of holding a grudge. People with emotional intelligence are comfortable with themselves, they are selfconfident and have a pretty thick skin making it hard for them to stress and worry about the words of others.

2. You dislike change

Change is hard for so many people, but it is the only constant thing in life. People with a low EQ live a structured life. Everything has to go a certain way and if it doesn’t it’s a problem. People with a higher EQ understand that change is inevitable, there’s almost nothing you can do about it, and they understand that it’s better to embrace it than resist it.

3. You have a hard time with failure

Failure is something that no one likes to experience. You have a project to do at work, it fails and you start to blame yourself. You take it personally, without even considering the other contributing factors. People with a high EQ are able to understand that, like change, failure cannot be avoided, they know to look forward and not let their failure define them in any way. They instead see their failure as an opportunity to learn and grow.

4. You get stressed easily

Emotional Intelligent skills help one manage stress easier. They help one spot and tackle situations before they get to a point where they become hard to manage. Without EQ, you might find yourself bottling up your feelings which might result in stress and anxiety. All these unaddressed emotions will put a strain on your body and mind.\

5. You lack self-motivation

Putting aside negativity and self-doubt will be something you struggle to do if your emotional intelligence is not developed. People already find it hard to keep themselves motivated but it’s even harder when you have a low EQ because you find it hard to keep motivated and finish what you started without a promise of something external.

6. You react rashly

People with a high EQ tend to make calculated responses. They know it’s best calm down and relax in situations where people with a lower EQ find themselves panicking and stressing. People with a high EQ know not to make decisions based on their emotions; instead they pull themselves toward themselves, get in a better state of mind and end up making better decisions because they are in a better place.

7. You focus on yourself only

Empathy for others is one of the components that make up EQ. When it comes to people, people with a high EQ focus less on being self-absorbed. Instead of seeing the world revolving around them, they have the ability to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes and not focus solely on their own needs and wants. They do not judge, they do not blame others and are usually understanding and patient with others feelings.

EQ is easier to develop than IQ. So if you’ve found that you share some of the low EQ characteristics don’t worry. The more you train your brain to be more emotional intelligent, the more developed your EQ gets and Before you know it you won’t really have to think about it, it will just come naturally.

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