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Credit Control graduate programme – Aspen

Location: Johannesburg Aspen Plans to Expand Vaccine Manufacturing for African Access - Bloomberg


The Credit Control graduate will be employed on a graduate programme to advance their skills in Finance, Debtors as the person chosen will have this as their primary interest.

The Credit Control graduate will go through a robust training process whilst being exposed to collection and management of retail accounts. They will be working under the guidance of an experienced Credit Manager.

This person would be exposed to the various departments within finance in order to gain Insight on the collaborative work required within the division. The second level exposure would be to the Business in stages to align with the business support aspect of this role and understand where the role fits in within the organisation.

As a graduate you will be exposed to the following:

  • Capturing of credit notes
  • Managing claims for pricing, returns and rebates
  • Handling and supplying documentation ie invoices, Proof of delivery, credit notes and statements
  • Collecting payment from customers
  • Reconciling remittances to ages
  • Allocation of payments on SAP
  • Updating of rebate reports
  • Monthly reporting ie details of overdues
  • Communication with Customers, warehouses and Distributors

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