So you were overlooked for that promotion…

So you were overlooked for that promotion… maybe it’s time to strengthen your Emotional Intelligence (“EQ”)

EQ is more than just charisma and personality; it is displayed in 4 main areas listed below. Strengthening all these 4 factors will, in return, strengthen your EQ.

– Self-Awareness; this is the relationship you have with yourself, it is a very vital component of EQ because it helps you adapt to changing roles and responsibilities as well as adapt to a range of different clients, colleagues, characters, bosses and work-styles you will come across throughout your entire career

– Self-regulation; this refers to your ability to control undesirable emotions and urges. This is basically thinking before acting, making sure that the decisions and/or judgements you make are rational and not controlled by your emotions.

– Collaboration; is the relationship you have with your colleagues, this is necessary because most work in a professional setting is done in teams. In order to succeed professionally, it is important that you work well with your colleagues to ensure that the whole team succeeds. Improving your teamwork skills will a have a positive effect on the growth of your EQ.

– Empathy; in this context is the relationship one has with their clients. Being able to understand their moods, feelings and nature in order to enhance the interactions you have with them. It helps you build trust with your clients, which might take a long time to do but has its rewards

Here are 4 ways having a high EQ could possibly do wonders for your career:

  1. It is said that that workers with a high EQ find it easier to work together with others, manage any type of work related stress, learn from any previous mistakes made and are able to calmly resolve conflict. Having all these characteristics makes one a stronger candidate for any type of leadership position. This point is very important because, in today’s world you cannot be a good and effective leader without an established EQ.
  2. Having a high EQ means you are pretty good with socialising and getting along with a large range of people, which in return as a positive effect on cultivating your network relationships. Networking allows you to come across people who could possibly change your career routes, it is key in recognising new opportunities and ultimately advancing your career.
  3. A higher EQ means that one has better internal motivation than most, resulting in reduced procrastination, increased self-confidence and a greater ability to focus of your goals.
  4. CareerBuilder found that 61 percent of employers surveyed said they are more likely to promote workers with high EQ rather than candidates with a high IQ. In addition to that, 59 percent of hiring managers said they wouldn’t hire someone with a high IQ but a low EQ.

In summary, not many young professionals are aware of the impact developing a high EQ has on your career, it cannot be emphasized enough EQ is a critical career strategy. So the next time your colleague makes you mad and you just want to throw a stapler at them, think twice. The next time you’re put ion a team challenge yourself and try to get along with the diverse personalities. Do whatever you can to work on developing a good and strong EQ, take full control of the direction you want your career to take. It’s really all up to you.

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