When was the last time you did a Career Health-Check?

Too many people worry about the progression in their careers but are unaware of the importance that career health stock taking has when it comes to managing your career.

Ask yourself these four questions at least once a year, look at your results and where you can improve and slowly watch yourself gain control of your own career.


The growth of your human capital is a very critical stage in any person’s career. Maintaining your appetite to try new things will ensure that you develop new skills, relationships and experiences. Have you accumulated all this in the past year? Are you being challenged, learning and building, what we refer to as, “Career fuel”?

• Are You Making An IMPACT?

Do you feel that what you do in your job matters or makes a difference? Are you making your presence come to life beyond your qualifications on paper? Having an impact on your team, company or even society at large will improve the impression you make to achieve recognition and gain opportunities.

• Am I having FUN?

Are you doing what you enjoy? Does going to work bring you down more than it gives you energy and excitement? Work isn’t necessarily meant to be exciting every day, but it shouldn’t be a drag to get up and get to work each day.

• Am I fairly REWARDED?

Rewards include your salary, bonus/13th check, work benefits , leave days, flexible time, work conditions and any performance incentives you may be eligible for. Look at the entire rewards package and compare it to your contribution to the organisation, have a chat with friends/contacts in a similar industry and compare notes to determine if you are fairly rewarded for the work you put in.

Answer the four questions, look at your results. Which areas do you need to work on the most? Can you do something to boost the low rates? Is your situation fairly good? Can you perhaps build on these strengths?

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